I Was Going To Be Depressed Today But My Son Stopped By

I could write about novel writing and the craft of creating fiction, but real life matters. What I write about in Working the Glass: A Novel and my next one comes from my life.Parents with Book

Yes, real life, people, and events of my life make it into my novels.

I filter and refine it later and turn this stuff into fiction. 

A month ago my Mom, Therese broke her hip while visiting me in Mountain View, California.  After surgery at Stanford Hospital, she was transfered to a skilled nursing center here in my town.

In the beginning, I debated whether I should see her every day.

Early on, I asked her how she was doing that day?

She said I was going to be depressed today, but then I said No, I’m not going to, my son Andrew  is coming to visit me today.

That’s where I knew how important my presence was to her!

How can a son not respond to that? I was her lifeline here on the West Coast. Her sole support.  After she said that, I saw what I had to do. Meet her every day after work and get her home to Chicago.

Fortunately all these people on Facebook, my church- St. Joseph Mountain View, my work , finally my family across the country followed the story. My story about a son and mother. Thank you, thank you all.Author Photo 1

I saw her everyday in the evening for dinner. It was the least I could do for this lady that gave me so much. She always encouraged my writing, but since she lived in Chicago and I lived in California our time of catching up was compressed since I moved west 17 years ago

After she broke her hip, it brought us closer, we had really great conversations. It was like playing tennis. I would hit the ball over the net and she would fire it back. Back and forth. We could talk for hours. I lost track of time and treasured each conversation. Life is short and my Mom is 90 years old.

These conversations moved into memoir territory.

Then last weekend I escorted her the 2200 miles back to Chicago. There was no better person to do it. I was worried how it was all going to work out. She had to walk on and off the airplane. And sit up for the four hour flight. She prepared for it with her physical therapy person in the weeks before. But it was far from certain it was going to work.

But she did it. We did it together!

Then I did my first book reading in Chicago at Czech Plaza Restaurant. That was a day after getting mom home

This whole process with my mother and completing the novel forced me to change.

I had to open my heart and really use all my reserves of energy. I delivered my Mom back into the loving arms of my family in Chicago.

For the first time, I had to play a new role: be a parent to my parent. At least I thought that’s what I was doing. But my Mom is a tough lady and she aided me as much as I helped her.

It’s incumbent now that I continue the great connection we established. Mom and me.

I will!

But this also applies to all you great readers I met while there in Chicago. Let’s continue to stay in touch friends!

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A basketball star from Chicago’s Czech neighborhoods seizes his last chance at basketball glory by impersonating his Australia-bound brother on a struggling Czech superliga team mid-way through their season.