I’m Andrew Kloak. I  wrote a blog called Connectiontoyou about writing, spirituality and Silicon Valley. And comes from a big family in Chicago and have a wide network in that city and in California. I’m known as a People’s Champion. Passion and Power are the unique differences I brings to every situation.

From There to Here

I started out my career as a journalist. I have a BA in history with a concentration in psychology. I worked as an editor and writer for a variety of regional newspapers, a public relations firm in Chicago, and a small consulting firm before starting my novel.

I took my first writing class at the Writers Loft in Chicago in 1997. Then I moved to California where I started to take Fiction Writing classes through Stanford Continuing Studies.

Working on other writers’ manuscripts sparked my desire to write a book of my own on topics I felt passionate about: sports, coming of age, travel, personal development, practical spirituality, writing with heart and soul and a variety of other woo-woo subjects.  I wanted to become part of the expert industry and speak, coach, and teach as well as write books.

I needed to build platform, so I became a blogger and a speaker and continued to work on the novel. I continued learning…I began teaching what I learned to other aspiring authors both through my blog and even through my speaking.

Facts You Might Find Interesting

Photo0204These days I write three blogs: Travels with Hermes, Becoming Conscious, and Bridge to Worlds. The last two are books I’m going to blog post after post on Silicon Valley, going deeper and finding soul.  I love speaking and teaching.  Contact me at