Storytelling, Synergy and Sports…From Chicago to Here

The LeapIt was on a snowy morning  in my home office in my Lincoln Park apartment on the Northside of Chicago.

I started page one of the novel. I didn’t even know what to call it. I worked on the fundamentals like you would see in a junior high practice: ball handling, passing and shooting.

Only it was writing dialogue, building tension in scenes, and handling backstory. These things remain important.

The key fundamentals needed in making a novel-length work, and hopefully, a good one. The world will be the judge of that!

My New Year’s goal that year was to finish this novel by the end of the year. It was an all-consuming objective that I poured myself into.Andrea and Marcel

My earnings from my business doubled that year because I became a more interesting person. People could feel the shift in my energy. And I was writing the novel half the week and working in my consulting business the other half.

Four years later, I crafted a title Working the Glass: A Novel in a Stanford Writing Class.

As I edited and worked on the final scenes of my first novel, I asked where the character was going next. I do today.  Especially as I move toward completing my next novel.

Could my main character go back to Chicago where he started from? Maybe. And even if he does return, it would never be in the same way. He’s changed. The experience of playing a season in the Czech Basketball Superliga in place of his brother transforms him.

Working the Glass: A Novel was a success. I told the story I wanted to tell!

Where I am heading next? That’s me the writer and human being talking now. And it’s a question you’re always asking, too. Where are you heading next? Professionally and personally it’s there for all of us. You may not even be conscious of it.Country Road

I’ve lived in Silicon Valley since I left my native Chicago 18 years ago. Working on this novel ever since. This story has been my constant companion.

I’m not saying you have to spend $400 a month on books. But you do need to continually be learning. Your whole life is a work in process.

In the middle ages when the printing press was perfected, that opened a revolution. It allowed words from paper to touch the soul in a new way. It was one of the best technologies ever invented.

The novel has remained the highest form of writing.  But since I started on this story in the late 1990’s the genres and mediums are merging. A transition is underway in the culture.

What are two ways you can become a more interesting person? One is to make the hard decisions. To really face situations as they are. A second would be to do things you don’t want to do.

Chicago is the hog butcher to the world as Walt Whitman said.

But it’s also the bridge between east and west. A very important nodal point and the largest city in the interior of America. Yes it can be provincial and inward looking but that city on that inland sea is exceptional.

Meanwhile, California is a trendsetter and fertile ground of the imagination for the United States. It’s on the creative edge and has a global perspective. Yes, even with this long standing drought, it stands strong.

But there’s been a lot of ground movement here. A financial and spiritual earthquake that’s spiking cost of living here and draining soul from the place.

The billionaires are pushing out the millionaires. Rising costs have brought on rising expectations. There are some very good and idealistic people that work in the technology area. My town Mountain View, California is home to the most innovative companies and ideas.

But it’s clear. This town has changed and it’s not all good. One family of tech workers that moved here was outbid 12 times in trying to find a house here. Sometimes by $300,000 to $400,000. Plus, for a Midwest person, that friendly community feel has been elusive.

Where is community like Chicago? It’s hard to find here.bridges

Recently I’ve been looking at Charlotte, North Carolina.  Charlotte, the Queen City emerging on lists of top American cities where cultural creatives are moving. That’s something to pay attention to for me.

So I looked at what you can get for a home there in Charlotte. It’s amazing compared to the Bay Area.  The median home price is $179,100.

Find where your heart belongs. Publishing and broadcasting possibilities stand out for me, where they couldn’t before.

For me, 2018 has the potential to be the biggest and most important career year in decades. My stars could not be better.

Want to fulfill your destiny? Be mobile and continually open to expanding your mind and abilities.

And one more thing: Leap into this unknown and beautiful world we live in. The journey ahead requires it!

A basketball star from Chicago’s Czech neighborhoods seizes his last chance at basketball glory by impersonating his Australia-bound brother on a struggling Czech superliga team mid-way through their season.

A basketball star from Chicago’s Czech neighborhoods seizes his last chance at basketball glory by impersonating his Australia-bound brother on a struggling Czech superliga team mid-way through their season.